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TEPEX was born in Caen in
collaboration with ENSI.

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Coda Technologies is specialized in instruments and proceedings for use of explosive in mines, quarries and public works. It contrives, manufactures and sells 18 years ago devices of « crossing measures » using the propagation of magnetic fields with very low frequency in solid or liquid surroundings.

Under registered trade-mark TEPEX, its products equip now the french professionals of drilling -mining, who have chosen :
    - the profiler laser 2D + Tablet ;
    - the distancemeter Tepex 2S.

These two devices constitute an independent implantation system of mines shooting and then the control of the drilled holes, what allows either to validate the operation or to adjust the burden of the holes or even to refuse a hole and drill another one. They are simple and robust and satisfy the requirement of safety and efficiency of explosive shooting in quarries and public works.



Export Contact
☎ +33(0)7 86 21 07 56

Jean-Claude BERY



A pyrotechnic background

Government explosives manufacturing
Official testing laboratory
Safety supervisor in a dynamite plant
Seconded to the government inspectorate in charge of mines, quarries and explosives
Leaves government organizations for managing an important commercial explosives warehouse
« Crisalide » Prize for the TEPEX prototype
TEPEX is marketed

Quality coordinator

Dominique RIVET

Co manager

Pierre de BEAUPUY

Manufacturer - Customer Service

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Publication director : Eric WARTELLE
Hosting : OVH - 59100 Roubaix [France]
Last update : 27/09/2021

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